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HANDS ON - across Africa and Eurasia

HANDS ON in Africa and Eurasia


The geographical area covered by Wings Over Wetlands included all 119 range states of the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (UNEP-AEWA), covering all of Africa, all of Europe, South-West Asia (including the Middle East and Central Asian states), Greenland and the Canadian Archipelago.

In an effort to engage local communities and the participation of local institutions in conservation, the project supported 11 demonstration projects in 12 countries focusing on a range of critical issues including community mobilization, management planning, ecotourism, field research, wetland restoration, control of invasive species, transboundary management, education and awareness raising and alternative livelihoods.

In addition, 4 WOW Regional Centres spread across the African-Eurasian flyway, acted as hubs for training, professional capacity building and exchange of information in their respective regions.


Eleven WOW Demonstration Sites...


The WOW project supported eleven demonstration sites located in twelve countries in the AEWA region. These were all classified as wetlands of international importance, in part because of their significance in supporting wetland-dependent waterbird species. These demonstration projects contributed to addressing the causes of current biodiversity loss at these sites, creating new opportunities for local communities to simultaneously sustain their livelihoods and benefit the environment. Many of the demonstration sites also functioned as a training ground where site managers could get hands on experience in best practice management. To learn more about each demonstration site, please click on the button below.

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Four WOW Regional Centres...


The implementation of the Wings Over Wetlands Project has also been facilitated and coordinated through four Sub-Regional Centres located across the AEWA region (Western and Central Africa; Eastern and Southern Africa; Middle East; Central Asia and Caucasus States). These centres forged regional interactions and ties, through exchange programs, as well as using demonstration projects as a springboard for information and as a venue for training and awareness raising programmes in each respective region.

WOW regional centres formed an important pillar for the Wings Over Wetlands project, strengthening the capacity of local partners and therefore fostering the long-term sustainability of flyway-level conservation initiatives across the entire African-Eurasian region. To learn more about the four WOW regional centres, please click on the button below.

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