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Burdur Gölü, Turkey

WOW Demonstration Project: Burdur Gölü, Turkey

Burdur Gölü is a large lake of tectonic origin situated in a closed basin and fed by several streams, most prominent of which is the Bozçay. To the northeast and southwest lie extensive alluvial flats, a small delta formed by the Bozçay river with some remnants of drained reedbeds and marshes.

The lake’s health and importance to migratory waterfowl is threatened by a combination of urban/industrial expansion and associated impacts on habitat and water quality. An increase in irrigation of agricultural land using waters from the lake’s catchment has taken its toll on the balance and healthy functioning of the ecosystem. These activities around Lake Burdur are partially being enabled by a low level of environmental awareness among the local population who view such concerns as barriers to economic development and progress.

“The Conserving Lake Burdur Project is about empowering young people, connecting them to nature and instilling a sense of lifelong stewardship!” - Lale Aktay, Project Manager.

In response and through funding from WOW, Doğa Derneği - the BirdLife Partner in Turkey – implemented the ‘Conserving Lake Burdur Project,’ aimed at nurturing environmental education, leadership and community capacity in order to raise the profile of Lake Burdur and its conservation needs. A special education programme tailored for children had also been developed. Initially rolled-out as a pilot in four elementary schools, the education programme was quickly gaining momentum in the wider Burdur area, and included a multitude of activities to foster an appreciation of wetland habitats and wetland-dependent species.





Doğa Derneği

Doğa Derneği is a leading NGO in conservation and embraces several key people who are most experienced in the field of nature conservation in Turkey.





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