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Saloum-Niumi Complex, Senegal / The Gambia

WOW Demonstration Project: Saloum-Niumi Complex

Spread out between Senegal and The Gambia, the Saloum-Niumi Complex, consisting of the Niumi National Park (The Gambia) and the Saloum Delta National Park (Senegal), comprises coastal wetlands and savannah forests and is one of the last remaining untouched swathes of mangrove forest in West Africa - rich in biodiversity and hosting many rare bird species. In reality this Saloum-Niumi complex forms one ecological system, however the presence of a national border between the two parks, different languages and management procedures led to their consideration as separate entities.

Both national parks are designated as key national sites for biodiversity conservation. The underlying difficulties intrinsic to protected area management are compounded by the existence of the national border between the protected areas. Illegal fishing, hunting and the harvesting of natural resources are difficult to control in many protected areas let alone in a transboundary context.

While both parks were managed as separate entities, WOW helped to harmonise its management as one transboundary ecological system. WOW also supported the development of an integrated transboundary management plan, in combination with a renewed effort on environmental education and awareness-raising among the local communities.

"There is tremendous potential for ecotourism and nature conservation within the two parks, but to get there we need to get management right!" - Bounama Dieye, Project Manager.

The Wetlands International Africa Office in Dakar, the Direction des Parcs Nationaux du Senegal and the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management of The Gambia, jointly executed the Demonstration project in the Saloum-Niumi complex.




Wetlands International

Wetlands International (Dakar Office) - For more information please see:

Ministere de l'Environnement et de la Protection de la Nature - Direction des Parcs Nationaux

Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Protection de la Nature - Direction des Ministère de l’Environnement, de la Protection de la nature, des Bassins de rétention et des Lacs artificiels - Direction des Parcs Nationaux (DPN).

Department of Parks and Wildlife Management of The Gambia

Department of Parks and Wildlife Management of The Gambia (DPWM)













The GEF Small Grants Programme





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