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Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, Nigeria

WOW Demonstration Project: Hadeija Nguru Wetlands, Nigeria

The Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands (HNWs) are located in the Sahel zone of north-eastern Nigeria. The area is a floodplain wetland comprising permanent water bodies and seasonally flooded areas. The wetlands constitute important feeding grounds for different migratory bird species. In addition the area supports about 1.5 million farmers, herders and fishermen, who depend on the wetlands for their livelihoods. The water in the wider basin is most important for drinking and agriculture purposes.

However, the construction of several upstream dams outside the HNWs has significantly modified the natural pattern of annual floods, and this represents a major threat to the natural water balance of the wetland system. As a result of this man-made change, large areas of farming and grazing land and important fish ponds have either gradually dried up along blocked channels now occupied by the invasive Typha grass, or have been flooded. As a result, local farmers and grazers have been forced to over-harvest the fewer remaining natural resources, and encroach on some protected areas. Some villages were forced to relocate on higher grounds.

“It was wonderful to see how almost everyone participated. The community really came together to address this issue. They felt as though this was their project. Now other communities want to participate as well!” - Mohammed Garba Boyi, Project Manager.

To address these issues, the WOW project supported a community engagement approach. Through providing technical guidance, tools and credits for food and transportation, WOW helped the Dabar Magini community to band together to clear the blocked water channels physically. As a result the flooding now stopped, local fishermen are catching more fish and many agricultural and grazing areas can be used again. The community is also able to generate additional income from the tourists visiting the wetlands, which host a multitude of bird species. The news about the success of the demonstration project reached many neighbouring communities, who now want to clear Typha in their own areas.





Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation is Nigeria's foremost non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of nature conservation. it's ultimate goal is to stop and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of Nigeria's natural environment and to help build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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