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WOW Communication Materials & Resource Page

 On this page you will find a number of useful guidelines and resources relating to WOW Project communication.

1. WOW Communication Strategy (PDF Document)

The WOW Communication Strategy provides guidelines on communication for the wider WOW Project Team and Partners.

2. WOW House Style Guide (PDF Document)

The WOW House Style Guide provides guidelines on the branding of the WOW Project, use of colours and logos.


WOW Partnership Banner and Logo:

The WOW Partnership Banner and WOW Logo can be downloaded here in various formats. We strongly encourage you to incorporate these in your WOW messages, presentations and other WOW related information materials.

1. WOW Partnership Banner WOW Partnership Banner




Download the WOW Partnership Banner as:
JPG File [467 KB] | GIF File  [135 KBB]


2. WOW Project Logo

WOW Project Logo




Download the WOW Logo as:
JPG File [143 KB] | GIF File  [20 KBB]


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