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Capacity Building

WOW Flyway Training Programme: Building capacity within the AEWA region

Participants at the WOW Capacity Building Workshop in Almen, The Netherlands

A truly international effort to conserve migratory waterbirds depends on exchange of relevant information, experiences and resources among a wide range of stakeholders. Yet information access and professional capacity remain patchy across many parts of the African-Eurasian region. The WOW Project has contributed to filling this gap, by developing a comprehensive training programme and training materials dedicated to flyway conservation.

Flyway Training Programme

The WOW project has been building capacity for flyway conservation within the African-Eurasian region through the work of four Regional Centres and associated Regional Training Boards. These have been set up in Dakar (Senegal), Nairobi (Kenya), Amman (Jordan), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Moscow (Russia).

A FLYWAY TRAINING PROGRAMME with a comprehensive FLYWAY TRAINING KIT has been developed in the context of the WOW Project, which includes tailor-made training materials on topics related to flyway conservation, wetland management and migratory waterbird conservation, targeted to a range of stakeholders in the African-Eurasian region.

In addition, the project has helped to strengthen several flyway monitoring and data collection schemes in different regions to address current gaps in geographical coverage and knowledge.

White Pelicans in Senegal (Pelecanus onocrotalus)
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