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Across the African-Eurasian region a number of training courses and awareness raising activities already exist. However, their structure and delivery suffers from a number of limitations that do not enable sustainable management of wetland and migratory waterbirds. WOW has helped to tackle this problem by establishing a FLYWAY TRAINING PROGRAMME that will serve as a basis for strengthening the capacity for sustainable wetland and waterbird conservation from a flyway perspective.

Flyway Level Training

While there are a number of site-specific training programmes on wetland and waterbird conservation in the African-Eurasian region, they are not yet equipped to tackle the long-term management of wetland and migratory waterbird resources from a flyway perspective. From the outset, the Wings Over Wetlands project has worked with the principal training institutions and stakeholders in Africa and Eurasia to assess training needs in each region. Project members have worked on building consensus throughout the process and have made it a point to nurture and support local ownership.

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The Flyway Training Kit

The Flyway Training Kit is the product of this effort. It consists of a set of widely reviewed, locally owned, flexible and practical training modules on wetland and migratory waterbird conservation. These modules provide a broad generic outline that can easily be adapted to the actual training needs of any target group in a given country or region. Each training kit includes three modules with example-rich text, case studies and exercises, presented in a flexible ring-bound format and supported by a comprehensive set of powerpoint presentations. The format allows each user to extract exactly what they need and tailor training to a  specific target group. As well as powerpoint presentations, the accompanying CD includes a range of supporting material such as AEWA and Ramsar documents and guidelines.

The WOW Flyway Training Kit and other training materials developed by the WOW Project can be found on the WOW Training Resources Page.

Tunde Ojei (Wetlands International) and the Capacity Development Officers from all 4 WOW Sub-regions
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