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Entries for November 2009

23-Nov-2009, views: 2466

Wood carvings attract cranes to bird-watching site near Wakkerstroom, South AfricaWakkerstroom, South Africa, 23 November 2009 - BirdLife South Africa (BLSA) has recently introduced a new brand called ‘Uthaka’ to help support the agricultural products and crafts produced by the local community in Wakkerstroom.  A Swazi phrase meaning “wetland” or literally “a wet place”, the Uthaka label unites five community-owned enterprises, set-up by BirdLife South Africa, which produces products that are linked to sustainable resource use. 

16-Nov-2009, views: 2213

Pictured from right: Gerard Boere (WOW Steering Committee Chair), Camillo Ponziani (UNOPS), Leon Bennun (BirdLife International), Ward Hagemeijer and Taej Mundkur (Wetlands International) / Photo: Ma Zisong (UNEP/AEWA)Bonn, 16 November 2009 - Representatives from the Wings Over Wetlands partners BirdLife International, Wetlands International and the AEWA Secretariat came together at the UN Premises in Bonn, Germany last week (10-11 November 2009) to work out the details of an inter-agency Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) for continued collaborative flyway-level action in the AEWA region for the period following the conclusion of the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) UNEP-GEF African-Eurasian Flyways Project.

05-Nov-2009, views: 2792

Nairobi / Bonn, 5 November 2009 - UNEP's Division of Global Environment Facility Coordination (UNEP/DGEF) and a number of leading organisations involved in the flyway-scale conservation of migratory birds have published a landmark issue paper entitled "The Experience of UNEP GEF and Partners in Flyway Conservation".

The paper provides an overview of the key lessons learned from both the WOW Project and the Siberian Crane Wetland Project - two flagship flyway initiatives currently being supported by UNEP GEF.

05-Nov-2009, views: 2831

WOW Project Featured in World Birdwatch Magazine!The Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) Project has been featured in the September 2009 issue of World Birdwatch magazine. The special feature on WOW, written by Nick Langley for World Birdwatch, gives a refreshing overview of the project and highlights many of it's achievements to date.

04-Nov-2009, views: 3032

Photo: János Tőgye Biharugra, Hungary, 28 October 2009 - Just several years ago Agropoint Ltd., one of the main fishfarming operations in the Biharugra Fishponds in Hungary, was struggling just to stay afloat.   MME, BirdLife’s Hungarian Partner, has helped this company to restore the Biharugra Fishponds to commercial viability in a nature-friendly manner.

01-Nov-2009, views: 2631

The Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) project partnership and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST) regret to announce that the WOW Demonstration Project in the Dar es Salaam wetlands in Tanzania has been closed. The primary outcome of this demonstration project, a Wetlands Education Centre, will no longer be built due to complexities at the local level.




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