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Entries for October 2008

30-Oct-2008, views: 2082

Wageningen, 30 October 2008 - A new report on the monitoring workshops carried out under the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) Project in the four sub regions (Eastern and Southern Africa, Western and West-central Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East) is now available on the WOW Website for download.

The report provides an overview of the results of the four regional gap-filling and monitoring workshops carried out in the context of the WOW Project between November 2007 and April 2008 and which were attended by 99 waterbird experts from 50 countries.

28-Oct-2008, views: 2390

October 2008 was a busy month in the WOW Lithuanian demonstration site “Nemunas River delta”. Beside two large-scale public events (the “Euro-bird-watch Day-2008” and the “Bird Rally-2008” with over 1,200 people participating), a large international conference entitled: “The Nemunas River delta – internationally important bird area” was held in the Nemunas River Delta from 24-25 October 2008.

18-Oct-2008, views: 2698

Almaty, 18 October 2008 - Marina Koshkina, the WOW Project Capacity Development Officer for Central Asia, Southern Caucasus and Russia, was amongst the participants of a 5 day workshop on "Avian Influenza and the Role of Wild Birds in Central Asia" which took place 13 - 17 October 2008 in Almaty Kazakhstan. The regional workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan and organized by FAO with the help of the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstanm (ACBK) and with the financial support of the Asian Development Bank and Swedish International Development Agency.

16-Oct-2008, views: 2558

Wageningen, 16 October 2008 - Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Salim Bawaneh, the new Capacity Development Officer for the Middle East Region. Salim Bawaneh will be replacing Majdi Salameh, who left the BLI Middle East Division for another job opportunity in August 2008. Born in Hareema (Jordan), Salim graduated as a teacher in English language and literature and has always felt that as a teacher he played an important role in communicating environmental issues.

15-Oct-2008, views: 2822

New camp site and visitor facilities being built at the Niumi National Park by the Gambian Department of Parks and Wildlife Management.Barra, The Gambia, 10 Ocotber 2008 - There will be plenty more places to go birding in The Gambia with the recent announcement by Niumi National Park - administered by the Gambian Department of Parks and Wildlife Management - that it is creating a new camp site and visitor facilities at its Headquarters just outside the town of Barra to the northern border with Senegal.





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