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Entries for January 2009

29-Jan-2009, views: 3793

Photo: Alexander Solokha, Wetlands International In early January 2009, the CACS Sub region Waterbird Officer in partnership with local experts organised a training expedition for waterbird monitoring in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan. The expedition was organised in the framework of WOW Project implementation activities within the Central Asia and Caucasus sub-region to support the local volunteer network engaged in the International Waterbird Census (IWC).

28-Jan-2009, views: 2886

Photo: Tiit RandlaOn 7th – 16th January 2009 a training and exchange visit between Haapsalu - Noarootsi Bays (Estonia) and Saloum-Niumi (Senegal/The Gambia) demonstration sites was implemented. The aim of this event was to share and exchange ideas and transfer capacity on migratory waterbird monitoring. The workshop was organized in cooperation between Wetlands International Africa, Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (Gambia), Direction des Parcs Nationaux (Senegal), WOW Project Coordination Unit, Estonian and Senegal/Gambia demonstration project teams. The 19 very enthusiastic participants from Saloum and Niumi National Park worked closely with the Estoinan team in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

19-Jan-2009, views: 2523

Wakkerstroom WetlandsWageningen, 19 January 2009 - Wetlands International is highlighting the Wakkerstroom Wetlands as "this month's threatened wetland" on its website.  Accessible from the front page of the Wetlands International website, the special resource page on the Wakkerstroom Wetlands contains background information and links to further resources on the mining threat to the wetlands at the WOW Demonstration Project near Wakkerstroom in South Africa. For more information please visit the Wetlands International website.

13-Jan-2009, views: 2689

Online Survey: WOW Project Communications Ede, 13 January 2009 – the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) project is conducting a short evaluation of its external communication activities with the aim to better target future communication efforts related to the project.

A number of surveys have been prepared and sent out to both project partners and a wide range of WOW related stakeholders in the African-Eurasian region. In addition, a number of telephone interviews have been conducted with project partners at the 12 WOW Demonstration Sites and 4 Regional Centres.




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