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New WOW Publication Showcases “Flyway Conservation at Work – Across Africa and Eurasia”


WOW Project Newsletter: "Flyway Conservation at Work - Across Africa and Eurasia"Bonn/Ede, 18 February 2010 - The third annual newsletter of the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) UNEP-GEF African-Eurasian Flyways Project has now been printed and is available from the WOW Project Coordination Unit upon request. The publication, which is also available for download from the WOW website, gives an overview of the WOW project and the latest achievements of this unique flyway initiative in the African-Eurasian region. The newsletter showcases the important flyway-scale conservation work and materials being developed under the project, such as:

The Critical Site Network Tool (CSN Tool)

This is an innovative internet portal bringing together information from three global databases: the Ramsar Sites Information Service, the International Waterbird Census Database (managed by Wetlands International) and the World Bird Database (managed by BirdLife International). The CSN Tool makes it easy to obtain information, in a flyway context, about the critical sites for waterbird species in the African-Eurasian region. It is designed to help a range of different users, from site managers to national authorities and international organizations. The tool directly supports the implementation of AEWA and the Ramsar Convention, and is also very relevant to the EU Birds Directive and the Bern Convention’s Emerald Network. As part of the process of developing the CSN Tool, the WOW project has helped to strengthen several flyway monitoring and data collection schemes in different regions to address current gaps in geographical coverage and knowledge.

Flyway Training Programme & Training Kit

The WOW project is also building capacity for flyway conservation within the African-Eurasian region through the work of four Regional Centres and associated Regional Training Boards. WOW’s FLYWAY TRAINING PROGRAMME is supported by a comprehensive FLYWAY TRAINING KIT, which comprises tailor-made training materials that cover a wide range of topics relevant to flyway conservation, wetland management and migratory waterbird conservation. The Training Kit is designed primarily for anyone who is closely involved in wetland and waterbird conservation or management, especially in the African-Eurasian region. The Kit will be available soon in English in a folder format with CDs and online, whilst it is hoped that it will also be available in the future in French, Russian and Arabic.

Eleven Demonstration Projects

The newsletter also contains descriptions of the 11 WOW DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS in the African-Eurasian region. Each focuses on a key issue for wetland and waterbird conservation, including community mobilization, management planning, ecotourism, field research, wetland restoration, control of invasive species, transboundary management, education and alternative livelihoods and flyway-level cooperation.

To download an electronic version of the WOW Newsletter please click here. To order a hardcopy printed version, please send your full contact details to: [email protected]




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