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WOW Demonstration Project in the Dar es Salaam wetlands, Tanzania closed


The Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) project partnership and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST) regret to announce that the WOW Demonstration Project in the Dar es Salaam wetlands in Tanzania has been closed. The primary outcome of this demonstration project, a Wetlands Education Centre, will no longer be built due to complexities at the local level.

The building site in the Kigamboni Area of Temeke Municipality was initially selected by WCST at the onset of the demonstration project in 2007. Earlier this year however, a Government Directive was issued by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Development of Human Habitation putting a temporary moratorium on all construction within the project area until a feasibility study and development plan for the Kigamboni Area are completed.

This moratorium, unfortunately, means that construction of the centre is not possible within the time available for the demonstration project. The demonstration project in Tanzania was therefore subsequently closed by the Project Coordination Unit in May 2009 after consultation with the project’s Steering Committee.

The Project Coordination Unit, Steering Committee, WCST and all implementing partners deeply regret that this demonstration initiative was not able to progress to a successful conclusion. The WOW project hopes that completion of the building may be possible in the future, in the Kigamboni Area or at an alternative site chosen through consultation with local stakeholders, once the construction moratorium is lifted.

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